Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome New Followers!

Hello, everyone!

We have a lot of new followers and comments today; I'm going to assume that this is a result from the email sent out from the English Department. So for all of you newcomers, here is what we are trying to do with this summer creative writing group.

BYU English Society hosts a creative writing interest group (Team Gryffindor) in the fall and winter semesters. We wanted to continue writing and commenting on each other's work during the summer but some of us have returned home, some of us have remained in school, and some have gone on study abroad programs. We created this blog to continue our writing, but due to our small numbers and our summer activities (which I'm sure are awesome), we haven't been too successful thus far.

Here is where you come in! With more people, we can get this group really going. What we've been doing so far is giving the email to anyone who wants to post a story so they can do so from the BYU Creative Writing account. If we have enough people interested that already have Google Accounts, you can just post from your Google account.

We would like to have a writing prompt posted every two weeks (I will post the next one tomorrow). Then the next week, people can post their responses to that prompt. It can be nonfiction, fiction, poetry, what have you. And then others can give feedback on your writing! It's win-win for all!

So for those of you who would like in, please email I will send the details on to you! Thank you!


  1. This is awesome! I love English Society. :)

    Thanks Shannon!

  2. This is excellent. And here I was thinking BYU was bereft of any kind of extra-curricular creative writing organization.

  3. I like this idea a lot! I am an English major but know very little about English Society (my own fault for not getting involved). Is this a BYUSA club? If not maybe we could group up with them to promote the cause of creative stories and free thinking!

    PS: Nice word Kylan.

  4. KariElle, we are an official BYU club. We do a lot of fun, English major-y things. Last year, we had a Brown Bag Lecture on Inception, a Love/Hate poetry night, a Scrabble competition against the ELang majors... plus we have a bunch of small interest groups. You can email if you want to get more details on the club. :)

  5. live journal would be way more effective for this sort of thing
    and also way more english major-y